Project description:

Netivei Israel Company, pursuant to resolution 2973 of the government of the State of Israel dated August 11, 2017, is responsible for the International Airport Construction Project that is supplementary to the Ben Gurion International Airport.

The Airport Construction Administration at Netivei Israel Company is responsible for the construction of the international airport, commencing from preparing the statutory plan and, inter alia, the engagement with the international team that will provide the consulting and management services during all the project stages as well as consulting to the administration in writing the tender documents to select to concessionaire, and planning and construction of the airport in conjunction with the private sector, in the PPP method. 

Tender no. 160/18 Consulting and Management Services

Netivei Israel invites international consulting teams to participate in the bidders conference in tender no. 160/18 for providing consulting and management services as set forth herein above.

The tender documents including the scope of work and the threshold requirements were published on January 24, 2019.

The tender documents are available for download through the link:

Bidders’ Meeting

Netivei Israel invites Israeli and international consulting teams to participate in the bidders conference that will be held at the Carlton Hotel on March 6, 2019.

The conference will include presentations to the participants in the matter of aviation transportation and its regulation in Israel, a general review of the project and providing highlights as to the contents of works and the legal aspects of the tender.

The participants will be provided with simultaneous interpreters in Hebrew and English.