Making of the World’s First Smart Zirconia Crown: The Pediatric Dentist Way

Mukul Jain
Paediatric Dentistry, Bright Smiles-Kids and Family Dental Care, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Aim: To develop a system of pre-formed tooth colored crowns for primary teeth according to the clinical needs of a pediatric dentist.

Method: 50 pediatric dentists from all over the world were contacted who were already using pre-formed zirconia crowns and were asked about their advantages and disadvantages. They were asked for any specific improvement in design, color, sizing or any other aspect of pre formed zirconia crowns. The ideas were in-cooperated in the design. The smart design features included in the crowns were universal anterior’s, micro-mechanical locks on cementing surface, permanent embossed marking of size and type inside the crown, uniform 0.3mm axial surface, flat inner occlusal table of posteriors. There were six anterior sizes and eight posterior sizes (5 regular sizes 2,3,4,5,6 and 3 narrow sizes).The narrow sizes were mid sizes mesio-distaly between two regular sizes and bucco-lingualy wider. The final design made first undergone in-vitro studies of fracture resistance, shear bond strength, tensile resistance, aging characteristics and abrasion test. 20 pediatric dentists were selected in India for randomized clinical trials with a follow-up of 15days, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Total anterior 110 crown cases done(40 central incisors, 36 lateral incisors, 18 upper canines and 16 lower canine 80 posterior cases done(18 upper first primary molar, 10 upper second primary molars, 30 lower first primary molars and 22 lower second primary molars). Feedbacks were taken from pediatric dentist and scope of improvement.

Results: Pediatric dentist reviewed the design and clinical technique to do the crowns and gave their feedbacks. The universal design of anteriors, flat inner occlusal surface and thin axial walls were most liked features.

Conclusion: More studies and pediatric dentist are required to be part of making up good quality dental products.