Research of the Sealing Material for Dental Caries Prevention that uses Glass Materials Releasing Zinc and Fluoride

Masao Ozaki1, Haruko Kashiwamura2, Tetuya Kumagai3
1 Department of Oral Grows and Development, Fukuoka Dental College, Japan

Introduction:Dental manufacturer in Japan develops the acidity-proof and the product that can sealing for the tooth surface are developed for the improvement now. In GC Ltd., that does a joint research with us, it pays attention to antibiotic properties of zinc, and glass sealing material (ZFC-03) that contains zinc and fluorine, etc. is developed. Then, because we evaluated the decalcification controlling effect and antibiotic properties of this ZFC-03 this time reports.

Materials and Experiment Method: In the experiment on the decalcification controlling effects, after having spread ZFC-03 on the bovine teeth enamel.the surface of the sample enamel before and behind the decalcification was observed with scanning electron microscope (SEM). In the experiment on antibiotic properties, eluate of ZFC-03 and Nano seal were made怀and the amount of the ion included in the eluate was measured. Moreover, each eluate was added to Cariostat where the S.mutans bacterium was mixed and cultured. And, the color variation and the pH of Cariostat were measured.

Result: After the decalcification, the ZFC-03 crowd was able to observe the image from which the enamel surface was covered with the particle externals extraction thing when the decalcification controlling effect was observed with the electron microscope. Moreover, the mineral loss was able to be less than the control group, and to confirm the decalcification controlling effect is possessed for enamel. ZFC-03 showed green as a result of judging the color of Cariostat after cultured for 48 hours.

Consideration: We think that as for ZFC-03, the decalcification controlling effect was obtained by the effect of the particle externals extraction thing, the fluorine ion, and the zinc ion generated to the surface part. Moreover, the eluate has understood the acid generation controlling of the S.mutans bacterium is effective. We thought ZFC-03 for the possibility as new prevention material to exist.

Masao Ozaki