Rehabilitation of Mutilated Primary Anterior Dentition using Prefabricated Zirconia Primary Crown

Hsien Hsiung Chiang1, Ting Yen Kuo2
1 Paediatric Dentistry Department, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan
2 Dental Department, Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan

To rebuild severely decayed anterior teeth aesthetic area, at the same time avoiding the reapplication of filling material, have been issues that were much concerned by pediatric dentists. Especially when it comes to canine, due to strip crowns of canine were not introduced in Taiwan, patients with serious teeth decay problem seems to have none good solution.

In recent years, zirconia crown has caused extensive discussion for its stability and biocompatibility with gingiva, thus zirconia crown is a very ideal method for rehabilitation in anterior teeth area.

In this clinical case report, several critical cases of severe early childhood caries will be presented. The patients suffer from extensive early childhood caries in primary central and lateral incisors, and primary canines of both sides. Due to lack of cooperation, full mouth rehabilitation of teeth pulpectomy, then restored with zirconia crown were done under generalized anesthesia, to recover aesthetics and occlusion function. Teeth preparation requires reaching up to 2mm subgingivally, followed by cementation with resin cement. This method provides good retention, and in future dental visits, we noticed the good biocompatibility of zirconia crown with gingiva.

Thus, if the tooth condition is not indicated with strip crown, or it is a severely decayed canine, zirconia crown is another good choice for rehabilitation of the aesthetic area.

Tse Jieh Sylvia Liong