Zirconia-Prefabricated Crowns for Pediatric Patients with Early Childhood Caries: Case Series

Figen Seymen, Sinem Uz, Mine Koruyucu
Department of Pedodontics, Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry, Istanbul, Turkey

Background: Primary teeth are important in the preservation of oral and general health in the first decade of life. Early childhood caries is a severe form of dental caries, which is described for children aged three to five years old. The aim of this case report is the present of zirconium crown treatment applied to children with ECC. Case reports: Three patients aged between 3-5 were referred to our clinic due to chief complaint of early childhood caries. In the oral examination, deep dentin caries in the posterior teeth and caries lesions in the anterior teeth were detected. Clinical and radiographic examination revealed no dentoalveolar abscess formation. Following pulp treatment of the upper and lower primary molar teeth, necessary restorations were performed. The pediatric zirconium crowns were applied to the anterior primary teeth and some primary molar teeth.

Conclusions: Early treatment planning is important to prevent early tooth loss and increased tissue destruction. The treatment plan should be planned according to the age of the patient, socioeconomic status, severity of caries, patient`s oral status, individual functional and aesthetic needs.

Figen Seymen