Infrared Coagulator "Kyo-co" to Treat Arrhythmia, Infectious Endocarditis, and Cardiac Tumor

Hiroshi Kubota
Cardiovascular surgery, Kyorin University, Japan

The infrared coagulator was originally developed to secure hemostasis in bleeding parenchyma. Kyo-Co was developed by modifying the prototype IRK-151 infrared coagulator. In this coagulator, a reflector in the infrared coagulator focuses light from a tungsten-halogen lamp into a light-conducting 10 mm diameter quartz rod, and it emerges as 35 W/cm2 of near-infrared light energy. The maximum lesion depth was 10.3mm in canine beating right ventricle.

We applied this coagulator to treat cardiac diseases Surgical treatment using infrared coagulator to treat cardiac diseases.

1) Arrhythmia treatment

-A. Endocardial ablation under arrested heart.

-B. Epicardial ablation under beating heart. Bidirectional electrical block was confirmed by postop. EPS.

-C. Thoracoscopic atrial ablation

Clinical thoracoscopic infrared application to the left atrial roof and GP could be done.

Kyo-Co may have the potential to realize safe and more reliable thoracoscopic ex-maze procedure.

2) Treatment of Infectious endocarditis, Infected aortic aneurysm

To cure the annular abscess due to infectious endocarditis, radical resection of the infected tissue is necessary. However, because in many cases have unclear boundary between normal tissue and infected edematous tissue surrounding the abscess, to determine the area of resection is not easy. The main reasons for re-operation is remaining bacteria and tissue vulnerabilities.

Kyo-Co was applied to ablate vulnerable myocardium to obtain reinforced anastomosis and bactericidal effect.

Coagulated edematous tissue became discolored, dry and robust. All pt. is alive and well without recurrence of the infection.

3) Treatment of cardiac tumor

Kyo-Co was applied to the edge border of the remained tissue after resecting cardiac tumor including cardiac myxomas and cardiac sarcoma. All patient with myxoma showed no recurrence but a patient with sarcoma died of recurrence.

Kyo-Co may have the potential to provide safe and more reliable treatment of arrhythmia, infection and tumor of the heart.

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Hiroshi KUBOTA

Kyorin University