Catch Me if you Can - Technology Infrastructure is Starting to Catch Up with Digital Health Need

Moshe Klaiman, Moshe Klaiman
CEO, ITD Group LTD, Israel

Digital Health is unleashed in its full power for a while now, and is growing exponentially. Still, technology infrastructure was and is quite limited – HIPAA Compliant platforms, FHIR Interface platforms, PHI, EMR and other digital health brick stones are not to be seen (at all, at some, together) in any available platform. It is only now that major players such as Amazon (AWS), Google, IBM and others are starting to grasp that they are behind versus market needs and versus smaller players. It is a unique situation (or is it not?) that technology is lagging after clear needs. To date players such as Phillips, Kinvey and others can offer good solutions to digital health landscape. We would like to present this landscape and available offerings. We would like to present the road to baas – backend as a service with comparison to DIY backend. We will present this through overview of available solutions, drill-down to the most prominent ones and presentation of digital health systems delivered by our group. This should be a must-attend presentation to every startup and company that are doing their way into the digital health world and must be aware of the offerings, challenges and road-map of digital health infrastructure solutions.

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Moshe Klaiman