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Tuesday, 7 July, 2015
08:00-09:00   Registration
09:00-09:30   Session 1 - Plenary Opening Session and Greetings
Hall A
Jean Judes
Executive Director, Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel
Haim Katz
Minister of Welfare and Social Services, Israel
Ahiya Kamara
Commissioner of Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Israel

Opening Address

Kathleen Lynch
Ministry of State for Disability, Equality & Mental Health, Ireland
09:30-10:20   Session 2 - Plenary
Hall A

Chairperson: Naomi Stuchiner, Israel

Positive Exposure Abstract

Rick Guidotti
Positive Exposure, USA
10:20-11:00   Session 3 - Plenary
Hall A

Chairperson: Shirli Werner, Israel

Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness: What Says the Dodo Bird?

Patrick Corrigan
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
11:00-11:30   Coffee Break
11:00-11:30   Session 4 A - Poster Session - "Vocational Enterprises"
Hall B

Inclusion through Integration in the Workforce

Menachem Stolpner
Kibbutz Shluchot, Israel

Disability Inclusive Development: Holistic Empowement Strategies for the Economic Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in India

Ashton Rosin
University of California, USA

Three-Way Cooperation between Social, Rehabilitative and Business Institutions to Promote the Incorporation of People Dealing With Mental Disability in High-Tech Employment: Methodology, Results and Economic Model

Michel Keselbrener1, Jorge Zimmermann2, Ravit Ashkenazi2, Dorit Armani2
1 EzWorld Ltd., Israel
2 Chimes Israel, Israel

A Study on the Quality of Employment and Business Performance of Sheltered Workshop

Chang-Keun Song, Woon-whan Na
Daegu University, South Korea
11:00-11:30   Session 4 B - Poster Session - Promoting Quality of Life
Hall B

Eyecontrol- Allowing Patients to Regain Control

Hagit Alon1, Neta Zach1, Tal Kellner1, Itai Kornberg1,2, Nofer Carmeli1, Shay Rishoni1
1 Prize4Life, Israel
2 Hello World, Israel

We`ve Got Yoy Under Your Skin: An Exploration of the Possibility of Trauma-Informed Care in Improving the Quality of Life in Patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa

Michelle Lahat
Children's Hospital Los Angeles, USA

Promoting Well-Being for Persons with Disabilities: Fit, Fitness and Fairness

Isaac Prilleltensky, Ora Prilleltensky
University of Miami, USA

Card kit for mediation on the perception of quality of life

Daniela Blecher
Beit Ekstein, Israel
11:30-13:00   Session 5 - From Eugenics to Self Determination
Hall A

Chairperson: Jean Judes, Israel

Experiencing History - Treatment of People with Intellectual Disabilities During the NS-ERA

Bettina Lindmeier
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

Promoting Human Dignity and Empowering Vulnerable Groups in a Museum Setting.

Liebe Geft
Simon Wiesenthal Center, USA

Equal Rights and Self-Definition of People with Disabilities as an Opportunity for Humankind

Yoav Kraiem
The National Council of The Rehabilitation of The Mentally Challenged in the Community, Israel

The Autism Genome Project and Genocide: The Unbearable Uncertainty of Being (Autistic)

Alistair de Gaetano
University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland
11:30-13:00   Session 6 - Choice and Self – Representation
Hall C

Chairperson: Esther Sivan, Israel

Transforming Organizational Practice Through Person-Directed Planning and Care Ethics

Lindy Zaretsky
Reaching Education Resolutions Inc., Canada

Guarantying Human Dignity and Freedom A Person Centered Approach

Sigal Peretz Yahalomi

Supported Decision Making as an Alternative to Guardianship

Yotam Tolub
Bizchut, Israel

Independence Out of Responsibility: Dilemmas in Independent Housing of Graduates in the Community Housing Program

Maya Goldman
Alei Siach Organization, Israel

The Inmportance of Self Advocacy of People with Autism in the Context of Progressive Reforms -- A Good Practice from Hungary

Krisztina Horvat, Gabor Petri
Equal Opportunities for Disabled People Non- Profit Ltd., Hungary
11:30-13:00   Session 7 - Stigma and IDD
Hall D

Chairperson: Patrick Corrigan, USA

Symposium: Stigma and Intellectual Disability

Katrina Scior1, Jeremy Turk2, Lisa Woolfson3, Shirli Werner4
1 University College London, UK
2 South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, UK
3 University of Strathclyde, UK
4 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
11:30-13:00   Session 8 - Quality of life of Families and Individuals
Galil Hall

Chairperson: Liora Findler, Israel

Family Quality of Life among Families Raising a Child with Developmental Disabilities, Regarding Formal & Informal Supports, Religion & Spirituality

Tamar Taub1,2,3,4, Shirli Werner3
1 Meshi Children's Rehabilitaion Center, Israel
2 David Yellin College of Education, Israel
3 Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
4 Shalem Fund, Israel

Parents are Building a Community

Michal Golan, Shmuel Yilma, Hava Yoel
JDC, Israel

Adult Siblingship of the Individual with a Disability: A Critical Relationship

Keren Natan Raab2, Aya Roth1
1 Israel Elwyn, Israel
2 Israel Elwyn, Israel

Leisure Activities of Youth with Disabilitties in Isreal

Orit Gilor, Hagit Klibanski, Drora Kfir
Beit-Berl Academic College, Israel

The Relationship between Socio-Demographic Variables on the Quality Of Life for Families of a Child with a Developmental Disability

Yael Karni -Visel1, Mitchell Schertz1, Dana Roth2
1 Meuhedet – Northern Region, Israel
2 Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel

Computerized Mediation Diagnostic Tool-Evaluation of the Quality of Life

Daniela Blecher
Beit Ekstein, Israel
11:30-13:00   Session 9 - Societal and Economic Determinants of Health & Disability
Sharon Hall

Chairperson: Arie Rimerman, Israel

Prenatal Factors in the Etiology of Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

Leslie Rubin
Morehouse School of Medicine, USA

Can Inter-Organizational Partnership Provide the Answer to the Lack of Services for People with Disabilities Living in the Periphery

Shimon Shapiro, Carolyn Gutman, Vered Shenaar-Golan
Tel Hai College, Israel

Primary Care for Adults with Intellectual Disability the Negev Experience

Mohammed Morad
Ben Gurion University, Israel

Disadvantages that Students with Psychological Impairments Experience at South African Universities

Sydney Vos
North West University, South Africa
11:30-13:00   Session 10- Dual Diagnosis
Golan Hall

Chairperson: Mike Stawski, Israel

Who are These People? A Profile of Patients and their Families Treated by the Schneider Outpatient Unit for Developmental Psychiatry

Mike Stawski
Schneider Children's Medical Center, Israel

Psychiatric Manifestations of Medical Problems in Adults with Intellectual Disability

Shirley Portuguese
Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center, Israel

Challenges are Doubled in the Dual Diagnosis Unit

Lital Raveh, Galia Shaia
Dual Diagnosis, Israel

Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities and their Managements

Jeremy Turk
South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dementia in Adults with Intellectual Disability

Amanda Sinai
Sheba Medical Center, Israel

Characteristics of People with Intellectual Disability Admitted For Psychiatric Hospitalization

Yael Nehama1,3, Yael Delayahu2,3, Yoram Barak2,3
1 Petach Tikva Community Mental Health Center, Israel
2 Abarbanel Mental Health Center, Israel
3 Tel Aviv University, Israel
13:00-14:00   Lunch Break
13:20-14:00   Session 11 A - Poster Session- Staff's Skills – The Key to Quality of Life
Hall B

Systematic Review of Literature on Intellectual Disability Nursing Staffing Levels, and Its Relation to the Safety, Quality and Delivery of Compassinate Nursing Care

Bob Gates1, Kay Mafuba1, Oliver Shanley2, Dorothy Kupara1
1 University of West London, UK
2 Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Evaluation of Training Senior Intellectual Disability Practitioners in Understanding and Working with Trauma a Psychodynamic Perspective

Bob Gates1, Kay Mafuba1, Noelle Blackman2, Alison Fitzgerald3
1 University of West London, UK
3 Hertfordshire County Council, UK

Communicators: A Curriculum for Coaching Paraprofessionals to Use Language Stimulation Strategies

Adie Buchinsky, Alisa Steers
CHIME Institute, Israel

Enabling Israelis with Deaf-Blindness to Freely Access the Hearing-Sighted World with the Assistance of Support Service Providers (SSP`s)

Yaakov Bibas, Elias Kabakov, Yona Lifschitz
Beth David Institute, Israel
13:20-14:00   Session 11 B - Poster Session- Bridging Gaps
Hall B

Not the Odd One Out: How to Embed Inclusion into Your Community an Introduction to the Judith Trust Inclusion Campaign

Jo Richler, Eliana Zur-Szpiro
The Judith Trust, UK

The Effect of Perceived Stress on Life Satisfaction of University Students with Disabilities : Based on Mediating Effect of Sense of Coherence

Ji Soon Park
Daegu University, South Korea

Indicators of Good Practice in Disability Support Services in Higher Education: Diagnosis of the Situation in European Universities

Rosa Eva Valle1, Mª Jesús Colmenero2, Pilar Gutiez3, María Vives4
1 University of León, Spain
2 University of Jaén, Spain
3 University Complutense of Madrid, Spain
4 University of Rovira Virgili, Spain

People with Disabilities in Israel 2015 - Disability and Inclusion in Israeli Society

Y.J. Haber2, L. Barlev1, Y. Keren-Avraham1
1 Myers - JDC - Brookdale Institute, Israel
2 Commssion for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Israel

Making the Law Accessible: Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law 5758-1998 as a Test Case

Tamar Rivlin1, Dana Genosar2, Sigal Uziel-Karl3, Hadas Shahar1
1 Israel Elwyn, Israel
2 Hebrew University, Israel
3 Kibbutzim College of Education and Achva Academic College, Israel
14:00-14:45   Session 12 - Plenary The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Choice and Legal Capacity
Hall A
In Loving Memory of Stanley Herr, Professor of Law and Champion of Disability Rights
Chairperson: Michael Ashley Stein, USA

UNCRPD in the Dutch Context

Alice Schippers, M. Waltz
VU University, Netherlands

The UNCRPD – A Global Perspective and the Implementation in South Africa

Charlotte Mcclain-Nhlapo
World Bank, USA

Implementation of the UNCRPD in Israel

Ahiya Kamara
Ministry of Justice, Israel

The Canadian Association for Community Living

Diane Richler
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., Canada

Initiation & Implementation of the CRPD

Michael Fox
Rights & Inclusion, Australia
15:00-16:30   Session 13 - Standing for our Rights: Joining Forces for Social Change
Hall A

Chairperson: Shosh Kaminsky, Israel

Group Self Advocacy of People with Intellectual Disabilities as a Platform to Social Change

Dorit Barak, Shay Asulin
Beit Issie Shapiro and Israel Elwyn, Israel

The Accesssibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act -Advocacy and Implementation

Andria Spindel1, Stuart Kamenetsky2, Ellen Waxman3, Kinzanoor Danish4
1 March of Dimes Canada, Canada
2 University of Toronto, Canada
3 Ellen Waxman Consulting, Inc., Canada
4 Psychology Student, Canada

Centers for Independent Living – Nothing About Us Without Us

Ido Granot
Israel Unlimited, Israel


Vanessa dos Santos1, Emphraim Mohlokane2
1 Down Syndrome International, South Africa
2 Self-advocate with Intellectual Disability, South Africa
15:00-16:30   Session 14 - Families who Adopt – do Dreams come True?
Hall C

Chairperson: Tamar Krulik, Israel

Adoption – The Department of Adoption Services in Israel

Orna Hirschfeld
Ministry of Social Afairs, Israel

Adoption of Children in Israel and Around the World: Medical and DEevelopmental Aspects

Ariel Tenenbaum, Isaiah D. Wexler
Hadassah Medical Center, Israel

Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adoptive and Foster Families: Improving Child and Family Outcomes and Adjustment

Irit Bar Netzer
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, USA

Special Needs of Adopted Children & Adoptive Families

Benny Saville
Mishpahta Israel's Adoption Community, Israel
15:00-16:30   Session 15 - Quality of life and Supports – Planning, Measuring and Implementing
Hall D

Chairperson: Alice Schippers, Netherlands

Alligning Assessment Data to Enhance Quality Of Life Outcomes in Person with Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Sabrina Donina1, Marco Lombardi2, Luigi Croce3
1 Fo.B.A.P. Onlus, Italy
2 HoGent University, Belgium
3 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

The Quality of Life Outcome Measure in a Group of Italian Children with ID

Luigi Croce1, Marco Lombardi1,2, Claudia Claes2, Stijn Vandevelde3
1 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
2 HoGent University, Belgium
3 Gent University, Belgium

Promoting Social Inclusion: the Perception of Priorities in Activities Provision by Support Staff

Marco Lombardi1,2, Luigi Croce2, Claudia Claes1, Stijn Vandevelde3
1 HoGent University, Belgium
2 Università Cattolcia del Sacro Cuore, Italy
3 Gent University, Belgium

Implementing GAS Methodology Using a Computerized Information System for Management, Training and Monitoring the Advancement of People with Special Needs: Difficulties, Advantages and Disadvantages

Michel Keselbrener1, Jorge Zimmermann2, Vered Carsenti2, Omer Azriel2
1 EzWorld Ltd., Israel
2 Chimes Israel, Israel

EQUASS, An Instrument for Implementing CRPD by Social Service Providers

Michael Crowley, Guus van Beek
European Quality in Social Services, Belgium
15:00-16:30   Session 16 - Attitudes and Inclusion in the Community
Galil Hall

Chairperson: Sarah Sadovnik, Israel

Defining Disability and the Challenge of Creating an Inclusive Society in Israel

Gaby Admon-Rick
Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Israel

Typically Developing Preschool Children`s Perception – Understanding (Attitude Forming) towards Children with Disability

Heli Perez, Dana Roth
Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel

Accessibility Commando Units

Michal Rimon
Access Israel Org., Israel

Basic Education for Children with Disabilities in Zambia

Masauso Simon Chirwa
University of Zambia, Zambia

Accessibility for People with Intellectual Disability: Way beyond Language Simplification

Shira Yalon-Chamovitz1,2, Michal Tene-Rinde1,2
1 Ono Academic College, Israel
2 Ono Academic College, Israel
15:00-16:30   Session 17 - Transitions to the Workforce
Sharon Hall

Chairperson: Shelly Nordeim, Israel

Creating a Future – The Program for the Transition from School to the Workplace

Nurit Segev, Mina Raz
the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Israel

Vocational Education and Training for Disabled Persons in Germany Processes, Discussions and Challenges Answering the Convention of the United Nations on the rights of Persons with Disabilities

Kirsten Vollmer
Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung, Germany

From a Person Being Rehabilitated to Rehabilitator – 10 Years of Success

Nava Cohen1, Leah Sapir1, Rena Feigin2
1 Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Center at the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, Israel
2 Tel Aviv University, Israel

From Sheltered Employment Frameworks to Employment Advancement Frameworks

Shelly Nordeim Golan
the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Israel

Milestones for Life Model – Exploration and Identity Construction as a Tool for Self-Representation

Shiri Pearlman-Avnion1, Shirley Kenny2
1 Tel Hai Academic College, Israel
2 Avnei Derech La'Haim, Israel
15:00-16:30   Session 18 - Towards Community-based Living
Golan Hall

Chairperson: Nachum Ido, Israel

Community Residential Options for Persons with ID in the Light of UNCRPD

Arie Rimmerman
University of Haifa, Israel

The right of people with disabilities to live in the community – Transition from institutions to community living for people with disabilities in Ireland

Kathleen Lynch
Ministry of State for Disability, Equality & Mental Health, Ireland

What's Wrong with Hostels, Villages, Intentional Communities and, Yes, Institutions: An Advocacy and Funder's Viewpoin

S. Eidelman1, S. Goldman2
1 University of Delaware, USA
2 Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, USA

The Journey from Universality to Subjectivity- Inclusion and Community Living in the 21 Century

Ran Neuman
Zefat Academic College, Israel

What's Wrong with Hostels, Villages, Intentional Communities and, Yes, Institutions: Government's, Professional's and Advocacy's Viewpoints

Ido Nachum1, Kathleen Lynch2, S. Eidelman3, S. Goldman4, Arie Rimmerman5, Gideon Shalom1, Ran Neuman6
1 Ministry of Welfare, Israel
2 Mental Health and Disability, Ireland
3 University of Delaware, USA
4 Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, USA
5 University of Haifa, Israel
6 Zefat Academic College, Israel

People with Disabilities have all Rights

Gideon Shalom
Ministry of Welfare, Israel
16:00-17:00   Coffee Break
16:00-17:00   Session 19 - Poster Session - Supporting – Assessing - Improving
Hall B

Development of a Prototype Tool for Measuring the Context of Care Delivery in Intellectual Disability Settings

Bob Gates1, Kay Mafuba1, Maria Cozens1, Stephen Roberts2, Christian Sauer2, Nasser Matoorianpour2
1 University of West London, UK
2 University of London, UK

A Study to Find Ways to Improve Assistive Technology Centers Using Focus Group Interview (FGI)

Daeyoung Na, Kun Min Rhee, Jin Hyun Lee, Shin Young Lee, Bong Geun Choi
Daegu University, South Korea

Online Information System for Management, Training, and Monitoring of Promotional Programs for People with Special Needs

Michel Keselbrener
EzWorld Ltd., Israel

Validation of A Novel Outcome Measure for Paediatric Neurodisability: Comparison of Pre and Post Assessment Outcomes Using the Parental Understanding of Child's Neurodevelopmental Questionnaire (Pun-Q)

Naomi Dale1, Lauren Topper2, Jessica Watts1, Helen Pote2
1 Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, UK
2 Royal Holloway University of London, UK

A Population at Risk - An Urologic Aspect

Rina Shuv-Ami
Akim Israel, Israel
17:00-18:15   Session 20 - Women and Disability
Hall A

Chairperson: Karin Elharrar, Israel

Women Talk about Disability and Feminism

Dalia Sachs1, Orna Rooney1, Miki Perry2, Eyal Hedva3, Osnat Yehezkel-Lahat4
1 Women and Disabilities Project, Israel
2 Tsohar Halev, Israel
3 Hebrew University, Israel
4 Tel Hashomer, Israel

Women and Disabilities

Charlotte Mcclain-Nhlapo
World Bank, South Africa

Masira Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People in the Arab Society – “Deafness as an Opportunity for Self Growth”

“Women Leading Change”

Shiri Ofir, Gal Rokanian
The Institue for the Advancement of Deaf Persons in Israel, Israel

The Contribution of Mastery to Mental Health and Purpose in Life Among Female Veterans with Disabilities in Israel

Ela Koren, Avital Shlezinger, Maayan Sher-Dotan, Rachel Dekel
Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Accessible Gynecological Services for Women with Disabilities

Alex Kneler
Medical Clinic, Israel
17:00-18:15   Session 21 - The Right to be Parents
Hall C

Chairperson: Jorge Zimmermann, Israel

Family and Parenthood Rights for Persons with Disabilities

Valerie Zvika1, Roni Rothler2, Dvorit Gilad3
1 Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel
2 Bar Ilan University, Israel
3 Haifa Univrsity, Israel

A Daughter`s Prospective

Yaarit Ginzburg

Parents with Disabilities Program

Yakir Pnini Mandel
Israel Unlimited – JDC-Israel, Government of Israel, Ruderman Family Foundation, Israel
17:00-18:15   Session 22 - Social Cyber Life
Hall D

Chairperson: Carmit Noa-Shpigelman, Israel

The Challenges of Implementing Accessible Web Sites in Israel

Yuval Wagner
Access Israel Org, Israel

Can Individuals with an Intellectual Disability Participate in Facebook? This Research was Supported by Keren Shalem

Carmit-Noa Shpigelman
University of Haifa, Israel

Technology accessibility and coping with social network vulnerability among adolescents with special needs

Tali Heiman, Dorit Olenik-Shemesh
The Open University, Israel

Development and Implementation of Social Site for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Pnina Steinberg
Alin, Beit-Noam, Israel
17:00-18:15   Session 23 - Multisensory Approaches
Galil Hall

Chairperson: Mona Julius, Israel

Multisesnsory Environmental Adaptations in the Dental Clinic for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Sharon Cermak1, Leah Stein1, Christianne Lane1, Marian Williams1, Michael Dawson1, Jose Polido2
1 University of Southern California, USA
2 Children's Hospital Los Angeles, USA

Multisensory Environments to Improve Patient Outcomes: A Systematic Review

Leah Stein1, Sharon Cermak1,2
1 University of Southern California, USA
2 Keck Medical School of the University of Southern California, USA

The Role Snoezelen in Short Term Rehabilitative Treatment

Mona Julius
Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel

Group Therapy in Snoezelen Room for Dual Diagnosis Clients:

Shira Kirshenbom, Dasi Namni
Psychiatric Hospital Kfar Shaul, Israel
17:00-18:15   Session 24 - Life in the Community: from Exclusion to Inclusion
Sharon Hall

Chairperson: Meir Hovav, Israel

Community Inclusion for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Cory Shulman
The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel

Rehabilitation for People with Mental Illness in Israel: Processes and Challenges

Yehiel Shershbeski
Ministry of Health, Israel

The Continuities of Services at the Community Living Program of S.E.K.L.

Ofer Dahari, Meir Hovav
SHEKEL, Israel

Life in the Community for People with Disabilities in Israel: From Exclusion to Inclusion.

Ilana Duvdevany, Meir Hovav, Clara Feldman
University of Haifa, Israel
17:00-18:15   Session 25 - Creative Employment
Golan Hall

Chairperson: Carmel Satinger, Israel

Vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities: Employment outcomes, persistence and salary
Hester Fass, Ofir Pinto
National Insurance Institute, Israel
From exclusion to inclusion - vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities in the spirit of the UN convention
Carmel Satinger
National Insurance Institute, Israel

A Model for Preparing Students Who Have Attention Deficit Disorders and Complex Learning Disabilities for Employment

Liora Ben Yehuda1,2, Benjamin Hozmi2
1 Ruppin Technological College, Israel
2 Beit Issie Shapiro, Israel

"Play It at Work", A Computer Application Designed To Improve the Vocational Social Skills Required For Integration of Adolescents with High-Functioning Aurism into Work Setting

Rotem Rosen, Eynat Gal, Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss
Haifa University, Israel